Birth Plans (Part 1)

This is the first post in a series on how God has changed me through the ups and downs of pregnancy, childbirth, and miscarriage.

This week my first-born celebrated his sixth birthday. I love being his mom. He’s grown in many ways, but he still has the really great belly-laugh he’s had from early on, and it makes me laugh just listening. I’m a different person in many ways too, since that awful/beautiful day six years ago . . .

Heading into my first childbirth experience, I felt completely confident. I’d had many painful periods (don’t laugh), and was prepared to endure the pain as long as necessary. I estimated labor would last 24 hours since that’s how long my Mom’s first labor had been. I’d prepared as best I knew how, reading the Your Pregnancy & Childbirth book I received from my Obstetrician’s office, and attending the childbirth classes at the hospital.

One night after class I approached the instructor. “What’s the best way to avoid a C-section?” I asked (I had read the U.S. C-section rates were around 30% and that made me a little nervous).
“Put off the epidural as long as possible,” she said.
“I’m not planning to have one . . . unless I really need it,” I said. The “unless I really need it” part was just me being polite. Since I knew I was tough and God didn’t invent epidurals, I was totally confident I wouldn’t need one to have a baby . . .

A week before my due-date my OB said I had dilated two centimeters. “That’s great!” he said. “That usually means a shorter labor, since you’re already dilated this far as a first-time mom.” That was encouraging, but I was still mentally preparing for a 24-hour marathon, just in case.

Around 6AM on a Monday morning (due date was Friday), I woke up with my first painful contraction. I walked around the house a bit to see if contractions would keep coming, while hubby got out the stop-watch and started timing them. They weren’t all that powerful or close together, but they kept coming, so we ate breakfast and got ready for the hospital.

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  • Connie Miller

    Fun to reminisce. Looking forward to Part 2!