3 Reasons You Don’t Look Like Your Bad Picture

Have you ever wondered why your picture doesn’t always look as good as the mirror says you look? It happens to me, and it probably happens to you too.  Depending on what you were expecting, it can be anything from funny to frustrating to frightful. I think there are several reasons for this:

1. The brightness of the flash is harsher than most lighting, and highlights our imperfections.

2. Some people know how to take nice pictures with their nice cameras, and others . . .

3. We are our own worst critics.

The point is, don’t let a not-so-nice picture ruin your day, or your self-image. It’s probably not an accurate reflection of how your normally look, and even if you thought you were prepared for a great picture, it doesn’t define you.

If you regularly see something you don’t like in your pictures, and it’s not built-in to your DNA, you can always experiment until you find something you like better. And if it is built into your DNA, it’s time to let it go. The less you let your imperfections bother you, the less attention you draw to them and the less people will notice them. The more you smile with confidence, the more people will like you and be drawn to you.

A genuine smile is the most beautiful thing a person can bring to their picture, regardless of lighting, camera or camera-man. Wear it proudly 🙂