How to Play an A Chord on the Piano

Major Chords

Let’s look at how to play an A major chord on the piano. We’ll also learn the pattern for building any major chord.

What Are Major Chords?

Major chords are built using the first, third and fifth notes of the matching major scale.

You can learn how to build a major scale here.

If you’d like a more in-depth explanation of major chords, this post explains them in more detail.

piano chords printable charts

Chord Types Printable

Learn to play 17 types of piano chords using 12 different root notes with this 34-page PDF! Chords are sorted both by their root note (C, D, E, etc.) and type (major, minor, augmented, diminished, etc.).

How to Play an A Major Chord

So to build an A major chord, we’ll find the first, third and fifth notes of the A major scale: A – C♯ – E.

A – C♯ – E

a chord piano

We can use this pattern to build any major chord on the piano. Just play the first, third and fifth notes of the matching major scale.

Other Chord Types

There are many other chord types you can learn. Here are some others:

Minor Second
Minor Sixth
Minor Seventh
Major Seventh
Minor Ninth
Major Ninth


Now you know how to build an A major chord on the piano, and you can use that knowledge to build any major chord.

Understanding how to build major chords lays a wonderful foundation for you at the piano, as major chords are the most common chord type.

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  1. Raymond Wilkerson

    Hi Julie. I’m so HAPPY thy came across your blog..I’m a much older person now n since i was a much younger adult (even at the age 12-13) I’ve always had this Burning desire to learn how to play the piano n read music as well as learning theory. It’s burns like a guilty consciousness n hunts me like a Ghost n i still have not lost that desire. N don’t want too!. When i came across your blog it started that fire burning ghost hunting feeling again n what a great feeling it is!!. Q. How can thy get ahold of your materials n self teach thyself to play? I can’t n won’t give up!! That chapter n part of thy life MUST COME FULL CIRCLE. Your lessons seams to b much easier to comprehend, this has been a on going nightmare for me! Please help! Thanks.

    • Julie Swihart

      I’m so glad to hear about your passion for learning music! You can read through the blog posts in order under the “Start/Learn Piano” tab in the menu to lay a great foundation for learning to play the piano with chords. I hope that helps!

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