How to Play a C5 Chord on the Piano

Fifth Chords

Let’s look at how to play a C5 chord on the piano. We’ll also learn the pattern for building any fifth chord.

What are Fifth Chords?

Fifth chords are technically not chords, since the definition of a “chord” is “three or more notes sounded together”. But we’ll call them chords anyway since they’re treated like chords at the piano.

To play a fifth chord, play the first and fifth notes of the matching major scale.

You can learn how to build a major scale here.

Another way to think of fifth chords is to play the lowest and highest notes of the matching major chord, leaving out the middle note (the third).

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How to Play a C5 Chord on the Piano

To play a C5 chord on the piano, we’ll play the first and fifth notes of the C major scale): C – G. These are also the lowest and highest notes of our C major chord (we’re leaving out the E).

So to play a C5 chord, we’ll play:

C – G

You can use this pattern to build any fifth chord. Just play the first and fifth notes of the matching major scale.

Other Chord Types

Some other chord types you can learn are:

Minor second
Minor sixth
Minor Seventh
Major Seventh
Minor ninth
Major ninth


Now you know how to play any fifth chord on the piano! Fifth chords can be nice substitutes for major or minor chords when playing creatively at the piano.

The nice thing about fifth chords is they create more of an open-ended sound, which can be useful for creating certain moods at the piano. It’s fun to experiment!

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  1. Pat C

    Inspiring, great post
    Do you have any youtube videos where you play the piano?

    • Julie Swihart

      Thank you, I’m glad it’s helpful! I don’t have any instructional videos available yet, just a few videos demonstrating some songs I’ve written, but I hope to add instructional videos down the road.

  2. Bernie

    You listed 14 other C5 chords. How do we learn end practice these? Thank you.

    • Julie Swihart

      The other chord types links in this post, such as sixth, seventh, and ninth, will take you to the C versions for those chords. You can also go to this page: and click on the images for each chord type to learn how to build them. If you’d like to build other fifth chords, you can use the first and fifth notes of the matching major scale to build any other fifth chords. Thank you!

  3. Jeffrey Givant

    Thank you so much Julie.
    Many blessings unto you!


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