How to Save Big on the Little Things (Part 1)

020My husband and I recently bought a new chandelier to replace the old one over our table. We went to our local home improvement stores and browsed the light fixtures, landing on three we liked well enough to buy. None were on sale, so we waited and checked back, and waited some more. When we checked back recently, we found one of the three had been marked down to almost 60% off. The fixture retailed for $159 (the most expensive of the three we liked) but was marked down to $69. We bought it and saved $90 off retail. Continue reading

How to Save Money on Clothes (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared four ways I save money on clothes – but I’m not done! Here are four more ways I save on clothes:

5. Shop Resale
This can be time-consuming, since I have to browse so many items. The upside is I can sometimes find like-new and brand-name things for only a few dollars. The down-side is, when I find something I like it may not fit and there probably won’t be another size. But it’s fun to try! I wanted a dress for a wedding once, but didn’t have a lot to spend. I found a little black dress for $10 at a resale shop, with the original $50.00 price tag still attached. Continue reading

How to Save Money on Clothes (Part 1)

I love saving money. Here are four ways I save on clothes:

1. Use a budget
Ever since taking Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” course, we’ve been using a monthly budget. We set aside money every month for lots of things, including clothes (we each have our own clothing allowance). If don’t use my clothing money one month, it gets added to the next month. Without the budget, I would definitely spend more on clothes because it’s fun to buy clothes! Using a budget helps me be less impulsive (since buying one thing I really like may mean I can’t buy the next thing I really really like) and has helped me work harder to find good prices. Continue reading