How to Play a Cm6 Chord on the Piano

Minor Sixth Chords

Let’s look at how to play a Cm6 (“C minor sixth”) chord on the piano. We’ll also learn the pattern for any other minor sixth chord.

What Are Minor Sixth Chords?

Minor sixth chords are minor chords with an added note. The added note is the sixth note of the matching major scale.

To build a minor sixth chord, we’ll start by building a minor chord. Minor chords are built using the first, third and fifth notes of the matching minor scale.

Another way to build a minor chord is to build a major chord, then lower the middle note 1/2 step.

To convert the minor chord into a minor sixth chord, we’ll add the sixth note of the matching major scale.

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How to Play a Cm6 Chord

Let’s build a Cm6 chord. First, we’ll play our C minor chord (C – E♭ – G). Then we’ll add the sixth note of the C major scale), an A.

So to play a Cm6 chord, we’d play:

C – E♭ – G – A

Cm6 Chord Piano

Now you know how to play a Cm6 chord on the piano!

So to play any minor sixth chord, play a minor chord, and add the sixth note of the corresponding major scale.

Other Chord Types

Some of the other chord types you can learn are:

Minor second
Minor Seventh
Major Seventh
Minor ninth
Major ninth


Piano chords are a wonderful way to learn the piano!

Learning piano chords helps you understand the piano as an instrument, and helps you see the patterns on the piano. Once you see and understand these patterns, the piano becomes much more enjoyable and fun to play! Chords also offer lots of room for creativity and personal expression.

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