How to Save Money on Clothes (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared four ways I save money on clothes – but I’m not done! Here are four more ways I save on clothes:

5. Shop Resale
This can be time-consuming, since I have to browse so many items. The upside is I can sometimes find like-new and brand-name things for only a few dollars. The down-side is, when I find something I like it may not fit and there probably won’t be another size. But it’s fun to try! I wanted a dress for a wedding once, but didn’t have a lot to spend. I found a little black dress for $10 at a resale shop, with the original $50.00 price tag still attached.

6.  Shop mark-down stores
Mark-down stores are stores that carry brand-name merchandise priced below retail (they sell  left-over brand-name items). In some ways it can feel like shopping resale, since an item I like may not be available in another size or color, but if I’m willing to browse, I often find some great deals. I like buying discounted brand-names since they often fit better and last longer than unknown brands. But before I buy, I check for flaws (stains/tears/missing buttons), since mark-down stores sometimes sell returned or damaged items. Once I found a pair of black Express dress pants at a TJ Maxx store, and paid $20 (instead of $80).

7. Shop solids
When I shop for clothes, I buy a lot of solids over patterns. One reason is it saves money, since solids never go out of style while most patterns will. I can also mix and match solids better than patterns, which stretches my closet and my budget a little farther. Even within solids, certain colors are cycling in and out of style — but black and white are always in! A number of years ago I bought a black T-shirt off a clearance rack at Express. The fabric blend makes it versatile enough for dressy or casual occasions, and I still wear it often since it works with so many things.

8. Walk away
Waiting a day or two can put the item in perspective and help me realize it’s not as amazing at it seemed earlier. Other times I’ll find I still want it and decide it’s worth a return trip. Walking away means I risk not getting the item since it may be gone later, but most of the time when I wait, I’m glad I did. Usually I find I don’t care that much the next day, but sometimes I decide to go back and get it – and may even get a better price. Once while shopping at Old Navy, I found a really cute black and white skirt but it was out of my budget. I had a hard time walking away, but did. Months later, while browsing the clearance section of that store I found the skirt in my size marked down to $5. I had forgotten about it, but was happy to see it again at such a great price.