Major Scales Printable

major scales piano charts printable pdf

This 23-page PDF will help you learn and visualize the notes for major scales, laying the perfect foundation for learning the piano with chords!

What You Get

  • Opening letter teaching how to build major scales and the circle of fifths
  • Piano Keys
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Major Scales
  • C Major Scale
  • C♯ Major Scale
  • D♭ Major Scale
  • D Major Scale
  • E♭ Major Scale
  • E Major Scale
  • F Major Scale
  • F♯ Major Scale
  • G♭ Major Scale
  • G Major Scale
  • A♭ Major Scale
  • A Major Scale
  • B♭ Major Scale
  • B Major Scale
  • C♭ Major Scale

Breaking down the printable:

major scales piano keys circle of fifths printable pdf chart

Piano Keys, Major Scales & The Circle of Fifths

Learn how to label the piano keys and build major scales.

See how the major scales relate to each other with the Circle of Fifths.

Major Scales

Learn how to play all 15 major scales using the color-coded piano notes. Scales are also labeled with letter-names. Finger numbers are shown for both right and left hands.

major scales piano printable pdf charts
chords for major and minor keys piano printable pdf chart


Learn how to build major scales with the instructional content, and learn how the scales relate to each other with the Circle of Fifths.

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