Marvelous & Glorious (New Christmas Song)

Christmas Song

I have a Christmas song to share with you! I had a dream several years ago, and woke up with the chorus, “Marvelous and glorious, Christ has come to dwell, marvelous and glorious, He is Emmanuel” running through my head with a melody. I hurried to the piano and wrote it down, and later finished the song.

We recently recorded it, and you can check it out below:

Recording the New Christmas Song

I really wanted to use an acoustic piano for the piano track, so last year my sweet hubby set up our recording microphone and software next to our piano, and I started recording.

Later we completed the project with lots of additional tracks. We sang melodies, added harmonies, bells, pads, and David wanted to add drums. I wasn’t sure about adding drums, but I thought he came up with something nice in the end.

This was our first recording project together! Despite the fact we both love music, I was surprised to realize this was the first time we worked on a project together.

We work well together. He’s really patient, and he let me take the lead on the project while offering ideas. In the end, I thought his ideas added a lot to the song, and I love having these memories with him.

We don’t have a space in our house dedicated to recording, so we used our home office. We used our condenser microphone for vocals, and recorded into our Cubase recording software. Cubase came free with my keyboard, and only crashed on us about five or six times before we finished. Additional instrumental tracks (besides the acoustic piano) were recorded on my keyboard.


I was thinking this morning one of the things I’m most thankful for is the presence of Christ. If I didn’t have that, I really wouldn’t have anything. But because I have that, I have everything I need.

“The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes.” Matthew 12:11

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  1. Larry Henderson

    WOW-Julie, you and your husband sounded “MARVELOUS & GLORIOUS” when you guys recorded this song! I copied this link so I have not had a chance to listen to all of the other songs! But I plan to look at the other recordings you sent me while I am celebrating my Christmas! Thanks again! PEACE

    • Julie Swihart

      Thank you so much Larry!

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