Piano Intervals Printable

piano intervals printable pdf chart

Learn piano intervals and use them to build 17 different types of piano chords with this 32-page PDF! Once you know the intervals used to build a particular chord type, you can use that pattern to build the same chord type starting on any note.

What You Get

  • Introduction
  • Piano Intervals
  • C Intervals
  • C♯/D♭ Intervals
  • D Intervals
  • E♭ Intervals
  • E Intervals
  • F Intervals
  • F♯/G♭ Intervals
  • G Intervals
  • A♭ Intervals
  • A Intervals
  • B♭ Intervals
  • B/C♭ Intervals
  • Building Chords- C Chords
  • Building Chords – D♭ Chords
  • Building Chords – D Chords
  • Building Chords – E♭ Chords
  • Building Chords – E Chords
  • Building Chords – F Chords
  • Building Chords – F♯ Chords
  • Building Chords – G Chords
  • Building Chords – A♭ Chords
  • Building Chords – A Chords
  • Building Chords – B♭ Chords
  • Building Chords – B Chords

Breaking down the printable:

piano intervals printable pdf charts

Piano Intervals

Learn how to label piano intervals using 12 root notes.

Intervals form the building blocks for chords, and their patterns can be repeated starting on any note!

Building Chord Types

Use piano intervals to build 17 types of piano chords, using 12 root notes! Each chart shows the chord symbols, the names of the chords, the intervals used to build the chords, and the notes of the chords.

piano chords printable pdf charts
Piano Scales Charts printable pdf


Learn all about perfect, major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals.

Learn how to count and label them, and then use the intervals to build seventeen different piano chords!

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