Learn Piano Chords Printable – $17

Get started learning piano chords with this 25-page PDF. These charts will lay a great foundation for you at the piano, and will be referenced again and again!

learn piano chords chart

Chord Types Printable – $19

Learn to play 17 types of piano chords using 12 different root notes with this 34-page PDF! Chords are sorted both by their root note (C, D, E, etc.) and type (major, minor, augmented, diminished, etc.).

chord types charts

Major Scales Printable – $7

This 23-page PDF will help you learn and visualize the notes for different major scales, laying a great foundation for building chords.

major scales charts

Minor Scales Printable – $11

This 39-page PDF will help you learn and visualize the notes for both natural minor and harmonic minor scales.

minor scales charts piano

Chords for Major Keys Printable – $9

This 20-page PDF will help you learn the chords for every major key! Use these chords to build chord progressions and play creatively in each major key.

chords for major keys charts

Chords for Minor Keys Printable – $15

Learn the chords for each minor key with this 40-page PDF! Chords are built with both the natural minor and harmonic minor scales. Use these chords to create chord progressions and play creatively.

chords for minor keys charts piano

Piano Intervals Printable – $12

Learn piano intervals and use them to build 17 different types of piano chords with this 33-page PDF.

piano intervals charts

Beginner Piano Chords Printable – $7

This 27-page PDF will get you started learning the piano quickly and easily with all major and minor chords and their inversions.

major minor piano chord charts